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Game Golf is the world’s first automatic shot tracking system for today’s golfer. It gives you a revolutionary way to track shot performance. With every shot, It records all your stats so you can visualize your game like never before, whether you’re on your way to break 80 or just actively working on your game.  It can help you reach your next milestone in your golf game.

With it, you can track your game with pinpoint accuracy. With over 32,000 courses to choose from, it allows you to:

• Review your rounds and game stats quickly on your personal dashboard
• Benchmark your game stats against others in the various scoring range to see strengths and weaknesses.
• Use club performance data to know how far you really hit your clubs and eliminate distance gaps between clubs
• See shot dispersion and tendencies, by the club and by distance, off the tee and on approach
• Share posted rounds with friends, family, and your instructor, coach or PGA Professional by email or social media tools.
• Compete in virtual Challenges with your friends and other GAME GOLFers around the world

Game Golf tracks your game in the background, allowing you to focus on playing instead of taking notes on your shots. Simply put, it lets you play golf and it records your stats for viewing later. It also logs which club you used and where on the course you use it. By combining these observations, your game is visualized like never before.
It allows you to attack every round with your best and then analyze it. From tee to green, you will get an advanced view of your stats, fairway accuracy, scrambling percentages, and shot dispersion for all clubs and yardages. You will learn the insights you need to progress.

It uses GPS technology and NFC technology to track your location on the course and every club used during a round. Its tags are assigned to specific clubs by the golfer upon activation. The golfer wears the device on the waist and before each swing, “tags” the butt end of the club, where the tag is located, to the device. This registers the shot. Every shot will be recorded on each hole played during a round. At the end of the play, the golfer syncs the device to a computer, where it displays the rounds on a map for a post-round review. Golfers will see the total score, fairway accuracy, greens-in-regulation, approach shot accuracy, scramble percentage, sand saves, putts and average club distances.

Game Golf Features:

  • Improve Your Game – From tee to green, we analyze your entire round of golf
  • Know Your Distances – See how far you really hit each club and never under-club again
  • See Your Stats – Fairway Accuracy, GIR, Putts Per Hole and more; Real stats at your fingertips
  • Share & Compare with your friends, followers, or even the Pros.

Game Golf Reviews:

 Game Golf is the first automatic shot tracking system for a golfer. It makes golfing and tracking your stats easy. if you are a golfer and would like to improve your game with the ease of technology, then I recommend you consider it.